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How to apply for membership?


The Federation of Sabah Industries (FSI) is formerly known as Federation of Sabah Manufacturers [FSM], registered under the Companies Act, 1965 as a Company Limited By Guarantee Without Share Capital. Registration under the Companies Act shall give the Federation wider scope and authority for operation and at the same time liability of the members is Limited.

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Members Eligibility

Any company, partnership or sole proprietor carrying on business in any industry sector in Sabah is eligible to become an Ordinary Member or Life Member of the Federation of Sabah Industries. Association of firms or companies in any industry sector or association of professional firms in Malaysia may also be admitted to the Federation as an Association Member.

Entrance Fee & Subscription

An Ordinary Member has to pay an entrance fee of RM500.00. Annual subscriptions & Life Membership Fees, payable in advance, will be invited in accordance with the following scale:-

Issued Capital (RM)
Annual Subscription
Life Membership Fee*
Sole Proprietor or a Partnership
RM 600.00
RM 10,000.00
1 to 500,000
RM 600.00
RM 10,000.00
500,001 & above
RM 1,000.00
RM 15,000.00

(*) Life Membership Fee shall be subject to the Council’s approval and payable in one-lump sum.

An Association Member has to pay an entrance fee of RM500.00 and annual subscription of RM500.00 payable in advance.

Professional Member has to pay an entrance fee of RM150.00 and annual subscription of RM150.00 payable in advance.

Student Member has to pay an entrance fee of RM50.00 and annual subscription of RM50.00 payable in advance.

Procedure For Application

Application for membership should be made by completing the Membership Application Form attached and submitting it to the Executive Secretary, FSI, P O Box 10686, 88807 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, with a crossed cheque for the total amount for the annual subscription and entrance fee for the relevant membership category (i.e. Ordinary / Association / Professional / Student) or a lump sum for Life Membership.

Applicants experiencing difficulty in finding a proposer and seconder from existing FSI members are to contact FSI Secretariat Office for assistance. Should you have any further enquiries in connection with your application, please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Secretary by telephone no. 088 – 498000 or 498111.

A copy each of the following applicable documents is required to be submitted together with the application:

  1. For sole proprietorship or partnership:
    1. Trading Licence + NRIC

  2. For incorporated Companies:
    1. Related Government Licences e.g.
      Manufacturing Licence (SGA/FML), etc.
    2. Certificate of Incorporation (Form 9)
    3. Latest Form 24
    4. Latest Form 49
    5. Latest Annual Return

  3. For Professional Member:
    1. MyKad No.
    2. Highest education attained
    3. Membership Certificate of Associations

  4. For Student Member:
    1. MyKad No.
    2. Student Membership Card

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Federation of Sabah Industries, abbreviated FSI, serves about 200 members comprising major players, SMIs, SMEs and the Cottage Industries involved in various manufacturing and non-manufacturing activities.

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