Minyak V. W. Enterprise Sdn Bhd (136624)

Minyak V. W. Enterprise Sdn Bhd (136624)

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Minyak V. W. Enterprise Sdn Bhd (136624)
Industry: Logistic
Contact: Mr Jeff Lu Siau Wee

Unit 118, 1st Floor, Wisma Sabah

City: Kota Kinabalu
Postcode: 88000
State: Sabah
Country: Malaysia
Telephone: 6 088 249331
Fax: 6 088 249332
Mobile: N/A

Mid-stream Fresh Water Supply, Mid-stream Bunker, Diesel & Fuel Oil Exporter, Hiring of Oil Tankers, Ferry Boats & Tug Boats

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Federation of Sabah Industries, abbreviated FSI, serves about 200 members comprising major players, SMIs, SMEs and the Cottage Industries involved in various manufacturing and non-manufacturing activities.

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