Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin

Definition and Types Of Certificate of Origin (CO)

Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin (NPCO)

A Certificate of Origin is defined by the International Certificate of Origin Guidelines, World Chambers Federation, International Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICC) as :-

“A printed form for completion by the exporter or his agent and certification by an authorized issuing body, certifying the origin of the goods specified therein.”

Preferential Certificate of Origin (PCO)

The above ICC Definition also applies to PCO; however, PCO is presented to the customs of importing countries for a product to enjoy tariff concession.

Authority To Sign NPCO

Federation of Sabah Industries (formerly known as Federation of Sabah Manufacturers) is authorized by the Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI) since 1998 to endorse NON-PREFERENTIAL CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINS (NPCO).

Rate/Fee for NPCO Endorsement and NPCO Forms

The rate of endorsing each set of NPCO is:

  • FSI Members RM5.00 per set
  • Non Members RM10.00 per set

New FSI's NPCO Forms are also available at the following rate:

  • FSI Members RM50.00 per pad of 50s
  • Non Members RM60.00 per pad of 50s

Supporting Documents Required

The completed NPCO form must be accompanied by Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading/Air Way Bill, Customs Declaration Form (K2) and any other documents deemed necessary (e.g. export licence, permit, manufacturer’s invoice etc.).

Letter of Indemnity

A Letter of Indemnity on a standard format when required, has to be produced on the respective company’s letterhead. Every Letter of Indemnity must bear a RM10.00 Revenue (Hasil) stamp.

Verification of Exporter's Claims

A Certificate of Origin must be above suspicion. In this respect, FSI, in order to verify the exporter’s claims reserves the right to call for any other supporting documentary evidence or to carry out any checks considered necessary or appropriate.

Where To Get Your NPCO Endorsed and Get Your New NPCO Forms

NPCO Endorsement Services and New NPCO Forms are available at Wisma FSM, full address as follows:

Federation of Sabah Industries (FSI)
Wisma FSM, Lot 1, IZ4, Jalan 1F KKIP Selatan
88460 Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 6088-498 000 / 498 111
Fax: 6088-498 222
URL: http://www.fsm.my
Email: secretariat@fsm.my

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Federation of Sabah Industries, abbreviated FSI, serves about 200 members comprising major players, SMIs, SMEs and the Cottage Industries involved in various manufacturing and non-manufacturing activities.

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